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One day at Salar De Uyuni, Bolivia

My trip to Bolivia was designed specifically keeping the largest salt flats of the world in mind. There used to be salt water lakes here several years back, which has dried up over time and have now transformed in to miles and miles of hexagonal sheets of slat blocks spread all over till the horizon. The fun pictures that you can click here and the visuals of the place seen on the internet, always made me inquisitive about this seemingly out of the world place. 

So, my journey to this quiet and sleepy little village of Uyuni started from La Paz, the highest administrative capital of the world, the previous night. Todo Turismo bus services are the most popular ones out there. While it wasn’t easy to book the tickets online beforehand as the site didn’t work but I walked up to the city office of Todo Turismo upon reaching La Paz and the tickets were easily available for travelling the same night. In fact they have an in-house travel agent, who helped me book a day trip to the salt flats …

A boutique travelers' hostel in the heart of Fort Kochi

"The best way to live history is to stay at its heart"!! This is exactly what I had in mind when I was visiting Fort Kochi. Arranging for a place to stay is obviously one of the most vital aspect of one's travel arrangement and since I was visiting this coastal city of Kerala, which is smeared with history, I naturally wanted a place, which will let me eat, sleep and breathe history. While I don't really consider myself to be a hardcore backpacker in the true sense, yet there are a few things I prefer to do like the backpackers, for example the stay arrangements. Being a solo traveler, I have always preferred to stay in travelers hostels as that gives me enough and more opportunities to meet new people and like minded fellow travelers, who sometimes end up becoming good friends. 

So, travelers' hostels have always worked fine for me whenever I have traveled out of India but during my travels within the country the thought of staying in a travelers' hostel has …

Things to do and see in Fort Kochi, Kerala

Fort Kochi happens to be that quaint corner of Cochin or Ernakulam, which has now become one of the busiest cities of Kerala. Wrapped in centuries of history, Fort Kochi stands there as a melting pot of various European cultures and the existing native population. This port town, which was called Muziris in the ancient times, attracted hordes of merchants and visitors from Rome, Persia, China and Arabia till it was destroyed by a devastating flood in the 14th century. Much later, in the 16th century, this trading hub, now turned in to a fishing village, was visited by the Portuguese, who built a fort by the waterfront for their own commercial purposes and thus Kochi got rechristened as Fort Kochi. However, this fort was destroyed by the Dutch invasion in 17th century and later Fort Kochi also witnessed the arrival of the British in the 18th century. The British controlled Fort Kochi till India got its independence in 1947.

This place has still retained its old world charm in its sidewa…

A sneak peek of the Pink City, Jaipur in 24 hours

What do you do when you get to know that your employer wants you to attend a 3 days long conference in the royal Pink City and the third day happens to be a Saturday!!?? The wanderlust in me resurfaced as I knew that I have the Sunday to myself and I can postpone my return for a day after the conference gets over. The conference got over by lunch on Saturday and post lunch I was absolutely free to explore the city on my own. Now the challenge here was just 24 hrs to myself and how much of Jaipur City I could squeeze in this limited time. So, this is how my itinerary was planned :

Jantar Mantar
Post lunch, I took an Uber and set out to see this astronomical marvelbuilt by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II, which is very close to the City Palace, also known as Chandra Mahal. This place has the largest stone sundialof the world and has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage site. The observatory houses 19 geometric instruments (jantar), with which calculations (mantar) were done to measure time,…