Point Calimere/ Cape Calimere - The nose tip of Tamilnadu!!

Remember reading about Palk Strait in geography classes back then in school days? Those assignments, where you were asked to draw the map of India, used to be complete nightmares for me as I used to get all the curves and bends wrong on the map and my drawing was, in fact still is, terrible.

However, last year in the month of September, I got an opportunity to drive straight down to one such point on the map of India, where the coastline makes a nearly right angle turn- one of those difficult parts, I never got right while drawing.

No matter how much I hated it then, today while I stood at the 90 degree bend, I was thrilled to the core! Imagine being at a deserted beach, standing at a point where you are flanked by Bay of Bengal and Indian Ocean, along the Palk Strait and the ruins of a lighthouse from the Chola period, destroyed by Tsunami, staring at you!! Then if myths are to be believed, Lord Rama stood there looking at Ravana's Lanka before starting his battle against the evil.

I spotted a few wild horses and boars too, scattered here and there. This place is also visited by more than 4 lacs migratory birds amounting to about 236 different species.... phew!! Seems like a bird watchers' paradise..... I am not one though. I simply didn't seem to get enough of it....after all driving and clicking pictures, all at the same time, every now and then by yourself, at times gets little cumbersome but the excitement got better of me.

I was already super excited as the drive to this point was through this ecologically sensitive wetland– a forest, which is home to some unique species, most of which are in danger of losing their foothold or are found in small patches. Black Buck, is one among those and I spotted quite a few. Interesting, isn’t it?

After almost two hours of driving around
inside the forest, on my way back, I realised my buddy, the Fabia has been with me through every thick and thin for more than last 6 yrs and together we have covered 1 lac kilometres!!

A huge reason to celebrate the moment!! What came handy was a pack of chocolate Swiss rolls. Thus, in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by lush green fields and tall palm trees lining the streets, our family of four celebrated the moment and the infectious happiness spread all over!


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